A family forest, is a map of your family and their connections to you.

A forest is made up of many trees. It is normally referred to as a family tree, but our community is made up of more than just our families; it includes our friends, Community, Elders & even our pets. Our connections become so large that it’s more like a big forest!

It uses symbols and lines to represent individuals and their relationships and once it has been built up enough it will have many different branches. It can be very simple with the just the names of those included or it can include birth dates, pictures and other information relating to the people you include. 

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Create your own Family Forest by downloading & printing the resources at the bottom of this page.


Why are family forests helpful/important to create? 

Family forests are important because it helps you to know where you fit in and who your extended family are as well as the challenges they faced in their life. This can help you to build a stronger connection to your family/your ancestors. It also helps you to discover more about your own history and who you are which will help you to then build on your identity. Building a family forest can sometimes involve a lot of research and talking to family so it also helps you to create and strengthen connections to family you have. 

How do I make a family forest? 

Family forest can be as simple or as complicated as you want them to be. All you need is a space to draw it - either online or with paper and markers and the information you want to include and you are ready to go! 

Below is a booklet with more information, instructions and guides on creating your own family forest!

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