Gaka Yawall Ngulla Yenbena Yorta Yorta Woka

Come walk with us the people on Yorta Yorta Country


The Yorta Yorta people come from a unique stretch of forest-wetlands that are located in what is now known as the central Murray – Goulburn region. Our lifestyle and culture was based on hunting, fishing and collecting food from the variety of food sources provided by the ancestral lands. Being river based people, however, most of our time was occupied by fishing, as the majority of food that was provided came from the rich network of rivers, lagoons, creeks, and wetlands which are still regarded as the life source and the spirit of the Yorta Yorta Nation. The now irregular floods that occur in this region are regarded by Yorta Yorta people as necessary for the replenishment of the natural food sources and for the survival of the forest-wetlands for the enjoyment of future generations. The survival of the ancestral lands is equally important for the continuity of Yorta Yorta peoples' timeless connections with what is ours by inherent right and with what we continue to assert 'always was and always will be Yorta Yorta land‘ — nothing will ever change that reality for the Yorta Yorta.

Deadly Story will work with the Yorta Yorta Community to develop this page. Until then, please refer to the contacts and resources below:

  1. The Yorta Yorta Nation Aboriginal Corporation (YYNAC)
  2. Yorta Yorta Connection to Country projects
  • Sand Ridge Woodlands
    This brochure has been prepared to aid in the identification of a selection of flora, fauna and aboriginal cultural heritage sites found in sandhill ecological communities across Yorta Yorta Country

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