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Other Words & Phrases


Sounds & Phonetics

  • a as in but
  • aa as in cart
  • o as in hot
  • as in put
  • i as in bit
  • oor as in core
  • iy as in eye
  • oo as in cool
  • e as in bed
  • ii as in sleep
  • ng as in sing
  • nj as in new
  • dj as in gem
  • as in yes


Language Resources

Aunty Lee Healy has compiled an amazing Taungurung language dictionary called Taungurung Liwik-nganjin-al Ngula-dhan (Our Ancestors’ Language) Yaawinbu Yananinon (Enjoy the Journey). It contains over 200 pages of carefully researched translations and as well as an English to Taungurung reference.


My Pride & Joy Stick - Mother Tongue


Body Parts


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