The Wadawurrung people have a patrilineal kinship system, in which a person’s skin-group (otherwise known as a moiety) was inherited from their father and like other Kulin mob, clans belonged to either the Waa (crow) or the Bunjil (eagle-hawk) moiety.


Karringalabil Bundjil Murrup, Manna Gum Tree

Artist Deanne Gilson uses her artwork to tell the Wadawurrung creation story.


This Place

The 'This Place' project invites Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to create a short video about a place name, and the story behind it.

Bryon Powell shares dreaming stories from places across Wadawurrung country.

He shares how the Wadawurrung people were created by Bunjil, our spirit creator, at Kareet Bareet, now known as Black Hill near Gordon, not far from Ballaarat. This area was once covered in forest but is now largely a farming community, mainly of potatoes, due to the rich volcanic soils. That is why the Wadawurrung are known as the red soil people.

Then Bryon takes us to Lal Lal, a very spiritual place for Wadawurrung people. It is a valley of waterfalls and creeks, which was Bunjil's final resting place before his journey into the heavens to live amongst the stars.

Story: Bryon Powell
Producers: Tammy Gilson & Larissa Romensky
Animation: Stephanie Skinner
Actors: Bryon Powell, Indigo Harrison & Rhyder Harrison


How Looern and the Swan Sisters gave us granite


Kirrit Barrett


Places of Wadawurrung Dreaming - This Place



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